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deviation in storage by Enigmatic-Ki
Some great, some just fun to watch works :3 (Some massfaves oO just kiddin :P)


So it's done folks and in le gallery. If you have something you forgot to submit you can hand it to me and i'll edit it. But otherwise done ^^

I'll be doing more for holidays to come so stay tuned :D


I choose you!
And return. :T Some random pokémon emote x) For the sprite model I used the ingame small one.
Pokemon trainer card by TossarN
Pokemon trainer card
Template made by :iconshootingstar03:
Sprites found at:
Badge sprites:

So it's kinda like this. Why did I make a pokemon champion omg mary sue =O!"#¤%  well. I found my old pokémon silver save and was overwhelmed with nostalgia.. With only 6 pokémon no extras in the PC (what I saw from the save frozen in time) I defeated the elite 4, Red and Lugia without capturing it.. This was 2001 so I probably pretended that I became his friend xD. I was 6 years old don't judge.

Okay so.. Story from my memory..

Philip grew up in New branch town with his mother and father, he is the youngest of four siblings, two from his fathers previous relationship and two from his mothers. Thou the only one who was still at home while he grew up was his sister who is eleven years older than him. As time went his sister left home as she wanted to become a pokémon master but her current location is still unknown while his other siblings had settled down with their own families. Wanted to follow in his sisters footsteps Philip one day at the age of six ventured to professor Elm and in all arrogance asked if he could receive a pokémon, although he was denied at first Philip repeatedly tried through the years and at the age of 10 he finally received a Cyndaquil from professor Elm and for three years Philip stayed in town and became great friends with his Cyndaquil that he had named Crevash.

At the age of thirteen Philip ventured out into the region of Johto hoping to become a great pokémon trainer and the bond that he had formed with his Cyndaquil was strong and he won most battles versus most wild pokémon and amateur trainers like himself. His victories made him even more focused on completing his goal and follow in his sisters footsteps and in defeat he took notes on what he had done wrong and didn't repeat them again.


Mother: Philip's mother is a nurse for elderly people usually tending to them at homes like cooking food, helping them with daily chores.

Father: Philip's dad is a retired pokémon scientist who mostly spends his time working in the yard and in at the bar.

Sister 1: Annica is Philip's oldest sister and from his father's side.
Brother 1: Christian is Philip's oldest brother and from his father's side.

Sister 2: Caroline is Philip's youngest older sibling, she left home one day to become a pokémon master but hasn't been heard of since that. Her location is unknown. Thou she is the biggest reason why Philip left to pursue the same goal. She is from his mother's side.
Brother 2: Nicklas is Philip's brother and is the oldest one from his mother's side.

Sibling age list: Annica-Christian-Nicklas-Caroline-Philip

Philip is currently 20 and was last seen at the orange isles.

Philip's team consists of a Typhlosion, Hitmonlee, Raichu, Scyther, Nidoqueen and Lapras. (I'm a gen 1-2 person okay xD?) Stopped playing the games after I completed emerald. And even thou Ofcourse 'Philip' was only my char in Silver. I liked to pretend that it was him through emerald aswell.

Typhlosion (Crevash)

Philip's Cyndaquil Crevash is his most reliable pokémon and it stays with him in even the most dire situations. Crevash was his last link against the elite four and it took down three pokémon by itself and is the reason why Philip's picture now hangs on the walls as a champion.

Attacks: Flamethrower, Fireblast, Smokescreen and Thunderpunch

Hitmonlee ('Kicker')

As Philip had defeated Kiyo in a pokémon battle Kiyo was impressed by Crevash's strenght. Amazed at how only one fire pokémon could have gotten the trainer so far(Quilava) and thus he gave Philip a pokéball that contained a Tyrogue. It later evolved into a Hitmonlee and was given the name 'Kicker' for his amazing kicking speed.

Attacks: Megakick, High Jump Kick, Reversal and Detect

Raichu (Jimmy)

Philip headed back after some time realising he wouldn't get much further without more pokémon at his disposal and at route 2 he encountered a pikachu that he easily caught and nicknamed it Jimmy. After training it for about a year he helped it evolve with a thunder stone.

Attacks: Thunderbolt, Quick Attack, Light Screen and Shock Wave

Scyther (Stealth)

Still searching for more pokémon Philip entered a bug catching contest in the national park but the time went and he didn't have much luck until something flew out from the brush trying to attacking him, thou luckily Philip fell down and dodged the sudden attack and when he turned around he saw a furious Scyther staring at him, ready to attack. Quick back onto his feet Philip sent out his Hitmonlee that managed to knock the Scyther down quickly followed up by a pokéball that managed to catch it. He nicknamed him Stealth for his amazing ambush methods.

Attacks: Agility, Cut, Wing Attack and Fury Cutter

Nidoqueen (Emily)

When Philip traveled through rout 15 he encountered a lonely Nidorina seemingly hurt. He stopped to tend to hit but it reacted very aggressive towards him until he proved to be friendly. After a few days of helping the Nidorina recover its health it allowed him to capture it and it proved useful in many battles. After a year he finally managed to find to get a hold of a moon stone from a mysterious traveling salesman and used it to evolve his Nidorina into a Nidoqueen.

Attacks: Dynamic Punch, Protect, Hyper Beam and Shadow Ball

Lapras (Valendria)

Philip found his Lapras on a Friday in the union cave. He had never seen a pokémon like that before and he HAD to catch it. After a intensive battle he had finally weakened it enough for it to give in and he could finally travel by sea on his newfound friends back. He had now six pokémon at his disposal and onwards he went in hopes to become one of the greatest that the Johto region had ever seen.

Attacks: Surf, Hydro Pump, Sing and Dream Eater

All them gen 2 moves =O


Emoticon 4-pack
Viza la by TossarN
Viza stare by TossarN
Annoying companion by TossarN
Bored hero wave by TossarN
Bored hero by TossarN
Bored hero with friends by TossarN
4 emoticons 1 commission! Cheap and nice
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Bored hero by TossarN
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Tyrannosaurusking - icon by TossarN
Want a personal emoticon icon? Then ask me right away! I would gladly do it for you ;D!

For a small fee ofcourse ^^;


Philip Carlsson Åberg
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Greetings folks! The name is Philip, but my buds calls me ''PH'' and from that came the name Phboy. =P. I love to play games.

But well, I also love art and making vectors ;P. Aswell as making new friends is always interesting. Hah ^^! Anyways, I suppose that was a short about me.

Until next time. ~The one and only.

Sweden Stamp by phantom "Viking Ancestors" - Swedish by xZaknafeinx swedish blood stamp by solhuset Swede by SupremeSonrio Aesir Stamp by Xakuu Swedish Language Level stamp4 by Faeth-design Swedish Crowns by skinnyveestamp Proud Stamp by Nikond60e

R.I.P buddy!

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